Spending money (or not as the case may be)

Strange (or maybe not so strange) how this affects the way you think about things.

For example, I went through a thought process this lunchtime in John Lewis with regards to a potential purchase of an item of around £300. I didn’t bother, because I felt that I might not get full use out of it.
Short-termism takes over.
Going to save a fortune.

2 thoughts on “Spending money (or not as the case may be)”

  1. Hello AndyYou probably don't remember me but I used to post on the Macworld forums as 'Jeter'. I don't visit there too often now as my Mac never gives me any trouble (great things, Macs 🙂 ) but I happened to check in this morning and clocked the link to your blog.Just want to wish you the very best of luck with your fight and send you my very best wishes.You were always a helpful, affable guy and I'm sure that you and your wife make a formidable duo who will fight this all the way.Good luck Andy, I'll check in regularly to make sure you're progressing *thumbs up* – Austin baird

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