First stage signed off

The surgeon doesn’t want to see me again – which is good. He couldn’t (wouldn’t?) give me the CT films, but did give me the CT report. That makes horrible reading too, when combined with the pathology report that I have already got a copy of. Oh well…

He was a bit upset that I have found myself a new haematologist, but, frankly, I wasn’t prepared to wait for his bloke to get round to contacting me.
Onwards and upwards – more (and better) news tomorrow I hope.

Appointment with my man this evening

Just hoping that he’s got all the CT scan information, including film, so that I can take it to the next hospital tomorrow evening.

Otherwise, I might need to have another one, which will be another week’s delay.
However, I spoke with my GP yesterday (he called me) and he has been absolutely fantastic. He has asked hospital Nr 1 to have all the info I need available for me to collect tonight.
Fingers crossed…