First stage signed off

The surgeon doesn’t want to see me again – which is good. He couldn’t (wouldn’t?) give me the CT films, but did give me the CT report. That makes horrible reading too, when combined with the pathology report that I have already got a copy of. Oh well…

He was a bit upset that I have found myself a new haematologist, but, frankly, I wasn’t prepared to wait for his bloke to get round to contacting me.
Onwards and upwards – more (and better) news tomorrow I hope.

4 thoughts on “First stage signed off”

  1. Andy that's grt news that surgeon doesn't want to see you again. It is standard practice not to give you the films – what would you do with them anyway? If you wanted a 2nd opinion he would supply them. The report is bound to make awful reading they always do. Keep positiveGeoff

  2. Step by step, hey Andy, that's the way [thumbs up]I wouldn't worry about the surgeon being upset – and I don't think that you do anyway – as by nature of his profession he is bound to be sensitive.Are you back at work tomorrow? How did the new trousers go down at work, and I don't mean literally?Keep +I am having problems posting under my follower name… Anyway, it's me, Wolfgang 😉

  3. Ahh – Wolfie! In an "Amadeus" kind of way…I need the films for the haematologist. Without them, he won't know how bad things are in my abdomen… So, he will want then done again. No probs – I'll pay for them myself if necessary.Sod the surgeon. It's the next man that I'm interested in now. He's Chinese, but I hope he has more than Green Tea and Needles to offer me 🙂

  4. You got in one, Andy. Good movie, "Amadeus", BTW :-)Sod the surgeon. Sod'em all.Don't knock the old Chinese Medicine, t's been around for a few years ;-)Yeah, just pay for CT films and let's move on to the next stage.So nice here not to be restricted to 140 characters :-)I don't know if it's possible to perhaps have a "Politics" section here . . . [big grin]I need to find out about that mobile phone directory enquiries "service".w.

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