So, I haven’t hugged a pregnant lady

I couldn’t find one.

Normally, you see hundreds on the street, but when you need to avoid one, they all disappear. Bloody typical.

I blame Thatcher…

Talking of Thatcher, I parked my car outside Dave D’s house this afternoon. He was down “that London”, so didn’t notice, but it was a handy place to park when visiting the North West’s premier radiation treatment place

The people at Christie’s were absolutely first class. My appointment was at half past twelve, and at exactly 28 minutes past, my name was called and off I went.

I was sat down in a small room, with a Monty Python comfy chair, and, after installing a cannula into my arm, the technician injected about 20ml (max) of radioactive glucose into a vein. This stuff is about 4 or 5 times stronger than the normal stuff they use. I asked her why she wasn’t wearing a lead bib, and gloves, and she told me that they were of no benefit, when dealing with this injection. The best defence they could use was to be close to the injection for as shot a time as possible, and as far away from it as possible, for as long as possible. If any member of the medical staff were reticent about being near me, it was nothing personal, apparently…

I was told that hugging young children and pregnant ladies was a no-no…

No risk there then.

About 45 minutes of Thomas Newman on the iPod later (no reading allowed, darkened room, and sitting still only), I was called into the scan room, and placed in the scanner. Usual removal of cuff links, collar stiffeners, watch and glasses stuff.

“Trousers round your knees please. Mr Barton.”

Dignity intact, one lays on the table and places one’s arms above the head, holding a strap above one’s head.

Stay in that place for half an hour, whilst the scanner does its stuff, and you are then free to watch Sharapova play tennis and have a cup of tea and some biscuits – welcome, having had nothing to eat since the salad the night before.

Then, you are free to go, and phone your loved ones to tell them how you got on.
It’s a good idea to stay at home, until you establish how many people you know who MIGHT be pregnant… a surprising number…

Now, I just have to wait (again) for the results to be emailed to Hong Kong, and my next step to be decided for me, on my behalf.

On another note, Ann has decided to buy me a D700 for my birthday. Which is more than nice… 🙂

Is the radiation dangerous?

(Advice given by the hospital for people having a PET scan)

“The amount of radiation you receive is small. It is similar to that from an X-Ray examination. However, please avoid prolonged close contact with children and pregnant ladies for the rest of the day on which you have your scan. This is to avoid exposing this group of people to an unnecessary radiation dose.”

Now, I did A-Level physics, and played around with radioactive lumps and Geiger counters and all that stuff. If the radiation is strong enough to be even a mild hazard to children and “pregnant ladies” (as opposed to pregnant men? 🙂 ), that must be pretty strong stuff. Just wish I had access to a counter now…

Anyway, what the heck.

Difficult to concentrate when you know this sort of thing is coming up later in the day, but, back to my Appointment Documents for my design teams…