Christmas has been and gone

as it usually does.

This year, it left my Dad in hospital with a dislocated shoulder and a triple fracture of the humerous. Going down to see him tomorrow, provided the weather keeps off. This has been the worst December for weather that I can remember for a long time – the snow is hanging around in some parts too (couldn’t get off the drive on Christmas Eve for the iced up road. Torville and Dean went past…)
Off to Scotland next week for a few days. We have booked into the Mal at Leith and then on to Inverary. Haven’t been up there this year, due to “unforeseen circumstances”, and it will be good to see the place in the winter.
Yesterday, we took a day out to The Lakes. The weather was glorious on the M6, but by the time we got to Keswick, the cloud had descended and it was all a bit grey. Found out that the Dog and Gun on the High Street is very dog friendly though, so we had a lunch in there.
Looking forward to another CT scan in January (13th), followed by a visit to the haematologist on 2nd February. There was an interesting piece about a woman in Scotland with NHL, who has been “cured” through the use of mistletoe. Sounds like complete BS to me, but worth investigating further.
And that’s it for this year – in a place I wasn’t expecting to be this time last year, that’s for sure.
And, I might have to think about changing the title of the blog… this is a long running saga.

And so, this is Christmas (nearly)

Another Sunday, another update.

Saw my haematologist on Monday this week, and he was pleased with the way that the radiology has worked. So that’s a good sign, because so am I.
He wants to do another CT scan in January, as I haven’t had one since first being diagnosed in May. This will, of course, let him see what progression, if any, the cancer has made in the meantime. Depending upon what the results show (they will be available in February), he will decide what’s next for me.
We discussed options with regards to chemotherapy, and he’s minded to use R-CVP if anything. This is less toxic than RCHOP, which has been the standard treatment for some time, and means that the RCHOP can held “held back for later”. Any of these treatments are one shot affairs, once you have had RCHOP, you can’t have it again. The R-CVP is also less likely to make you lose your hair, too, not that that is of great concern 😉
The Telegraph Charity Calendar is now on sale –
I think that I am Mr April, but will have to wait and see.
Finally for now, the Leica Forum Charity Book has so far raised £3,360, which is an excellent result, with more to come, hopefully. If you’re interested, you can check on progress here:

Good news

One of my shots has been chosen to be included within the Daily Telegraph Charity Calendar for 2010. As part of the deal, I get to spend some time in a workshop with a pro photographer, and get a tour round the Daily Telegraph’s news room. Both of which should be interesting 🙂

Talking of charities, the Leica Forum Book is starting to develop some good contributions, and as of now, we are up to £2,225 in donations, with 3 weeks to go before closing time. Plus, the £5 mark ups on each book sold. This is a very satisfying project, and I am looking forward to seeing the photo entries when the time comes.
Rebecca’s home this weekend, so we can do a bit of shopping in Liverpool tomorrow. It’s a shame she has to go back for a few days to finish term, but she’ll be home for Christmas next weekend, I expect.
So, three bits of good news for the price of one 🙂

Not the final visit…

Wants to see me in a further three months (and, by the sounds of it, on a rolling 3 month schedule after that) and he’s still talking about a course of chemo. But, not just a 6 treatment course, the full 8. So that’s a 6 month course from start to finish, as the treatment is done every three weeks.

From what I understand, you feel really bad in week 1, bad in week 2, not so bad in week 3, then on week 4, it’s time for treatment again, so back to week 1.
Let’s see what the haematologist says next week.
Keeping positive*! 🙂
*Hard work sometimes…

The final visit

Well, hopefully the final visit to this particular specialist, at least for the foreseeable future.

Just about to go to the Clinical Oncologist for a wrap-up consultation following the radiotherapy last month. He is the one that has been suggesting chemotherapy as a follow up, while his colleague, whom I see next week, is less keen on that.
Still, should be able to report some progress later.
Looking forwards to the dinner with the local Lymphoma Support Group tonight, with the office Christmas do on Thursday. A whirlwind of engagements…
More later