Two steps forward, one step back

OK, so we are now in week two of this process and things are slightly different.

Until yesterday, I was taking the Prednisolone, the “P” part of the R-CVP. This is a steroid, and the dosage given is pretty high. Today is the first day of not taking it, and I can feel the difference. I am now tired (it’s lunchtime), whereas last week, it wasn’t until later in the afternoon that the tiredness started to kick in. I need to watch this, as I am back at work tomorrow, properly. Maybe I will need to to half days or similar for a while.

Apart from that, things seem to be going OK.

I was hoping that the Ilford print of the Hadrian’s Wall photo might have arrived today, but no luck, I’m afraid. It wil be interesting to see how they print that, from a digital file, onto real photographic paper.