Ticking along fine at the moment

White blood cells are down, as are platelets and haemoglobin. But, all to be expected and nothing too concerning at the moment and I told the specialist nurse that I was surprised at how not-unwell I feel. Let’s hope it’s like this all the way through, and that the treatment is actually working without me feeling it.

However, she has advised me that aeroplanes are far too filthy for me to be allowed anywhere near one.

So, plans for the gathering of the Leica clan in Zingst may now have to involve a long drive, a ferry or two and an iPod full of Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Beethoven.

Will get there if I can…

(Actually, said nurse advised against going “anywhere foreign” at all, as “you wouldn’t want to get poorly abroad”. I think I know what she meant 🙂 )

This is a real shame, as I missed last year’s extravaganza through being in hospital. This cancer really does mess up your life, even if you’re not “ill” with it, just by restricting you from what you are “allowed” to do. Will have to wait until the 4th treatment and the CT scan that follows, before making a decision.

Fingers crossed.

I got some shots down on the marsh at the end of the road at the weekend, with my newly converted 250 f4 lens on the Nikon. There’s one as this week’s photograph, but it really does show that there is no substitute for length. Really “need” a 500mm or even longer to make the best of the opportunity there.