Second session

OK, so I had the second session on Wednesday. While it didn’t take quite so long as the first, I was still there from 08:30 until 16:30 and I suspect that it will be an all day session from now until the end. The length of time is due to them having to make up the Rituximab individually, due to the cost, so that doesn’t arrive until after lunch.

Feeling much more tired this time round. I couldn’t get to sleep last night until about 04:00 and the alarm went off at 6, so I can feel a snooze coming on this afternoon. Even the Red Bush tea wasn’t sufficient to knock me out 🙂 I am convinced that it’s the steroid that’s doing it. I seem to be having a different reaction to it this time round. I am feeling much more tense than I did three weeks ago.

Maybe this interesting email I received from someone yesterday, has something to do with it:

My name is xxxxxx xxxxx and I am writing from xxxxx, xxxxx. We have plasma screens in our office that we use as an internal notice board and I am wondering if you would mind if we used one of your photos on these screens as we don’t have any images of the waterfront and a colleague of mine has recommended your work. The image we would like to use is:

Unfortunately we do not have a budget to offer you anything for this as it is for internal use only but would love to use your work as it would be a great way to localise what we have on there and we really like your composition and love the mood of the image.

I look forward to your reply

The photograph is the “Photograph of the week” on the right, btw.

Whilst I am flattered that such a large company should want to use some of my work in their UL Head Office, I am extremely disappointed that they should think that they could use it for nothing. I wrote back and told him that I would be very happy to negotiate a price for him to use this should he so wish, but am not willing to part with it for nothing. Damned cheek.

I will post here should I ever receive a reply from them, which I doubt.

So, I think I will have to take it easy this weekend.