The Grand National

Went to the Grand National for the first time on Saturday

(no good going on Sunday, because it’s not run then… ha ha!). We bought tickets to the “Steeplechase” enclosure, for which you can read “cheap”. I thought that a hundred and fifty quid to see the finish line was a bit steep, especially when there are three of you going. Still, I wasn’t expecting what we actually got.

If you buy a place at the Steeplechase, you only get to see one race all afternoon. That’ll be the Grand National. In all, you see about 20 seconds of horse racing. They come past fences 1 and 2 twice in the afternoon. All the other races on the card are run on the short track – cheap seaters only get to see the odd jockey cap bobbing around on the other side of the car park.

Oh well. The sun was out and between us we managed to come home with more money than we started, and we had a good laugh at girls in platforms and high heels trying to walk down the grassy bank. Would have been bloody miserable if it had been raining though.

Won’t go to that enclosure again as it  really only gives you a pretty poor experience for the whole afternoon. Much better to save up and go to one of the “proper” enclosures or stands, such as Tattershalls. At least you’d see some horse racing 🙂