The proof copy of the Leica User Forum Charity Book has arrived

And pretty good it looks too 🙂

There are a few typos that can be corrected over the weekend and then we will be ready to tell everyone about it.

Have to say that we have been having second thoughts about launch parties. It’s actually pretty difficult to find suitable venues, particularly at a suitable price, so we may just have to launch “on line”. I think that a final decision on this will be made over the next week. It’s a shame, but there are some things that need more time and effort than any of us can afford to donate at the moment. However, we do have one of the two paper copies in existence going to the Forum Meeting at Zingst in Germany next week, so a lot of people will be able to see this proof copy there.

We will also make sure that we tout the other copy around anyone and everyone we can, including the dealers and Leica in Mayfair etc.

Session 6 went pretty much as normal – it’s just a routine now. The hospital did think I was coming in on the Friday, not the Wednesday, but we sorted that. I need to phone them up on Tuesday and make sure that Session 7 is on the correct day too. Still tired and awake at the same time, but it’s more manageable now. I have been doing the Piriton and Nytol trick again, and that seems to work if you wash it down with a couple of Plymouths…

I met up with Roy yesterday lunchtime and took a few environmental portraits of him in his study. One of them is the POTW on the right. What a nice guy, and we were discussing a collaboration project combining photography and his watercolours (which are superb, btw). Let’s see how that can develop over the coming months. t would be great to work with him.

Meeting up with some of the guys at a Steam Rally near Bolton tomorrow if the weather improves. I will probably take the Leica out for a run. At least it’s stopped raining now – absolutely piddling down this morning. So much so, that little Pips wouldn’t go outside for a wee until she was thrown out and the door locked behind her… Been out for a walk now, so she’s happier.

Having fun with the Hasselblad

It’s like having your eyes opened after along sleep. I am really enjoying using this camera and amazed at the results that I am getting. The Picture of the Week was taken on the way back from Stratford on Avon on Wednesday and is fantastic when viewed at a large size. (even if I do say so myself!)

I have also found a shop in Manchester that will process 120 colour negative roll film in an hour, so I might experiment with some after all. I want to get used to some different films before going to Skye in September, so will buy some slide film too. Can’t wait!

Finally, we are nearly there with the Leica User Forum Charity Book. We have bought two copies of the final draft, in hardback, so that we can properly see what people will be getting and can adjust if necessary. The next thing is then to organise launch parties in London, Manchester, Germany and hopefully in the US, probably New York. Much depends upon if we can get someone over there to help, but we are working on that.

It should be a really good evening if we can get it right. We are probably talking about mid July, but it all depends on getting the right venue. Organising drinks and a DVD of the shots is the easy part.

Watch this space!

At the Lymphoma Association AGM

Had a very interesting day at the Lymphoma Association in Reading, yesterday. Learned some things about new treatments coming through that I may ge able to benefit from at sometime in the future, including stem cell treatment from siblings. So long as it doesnt turn you into an Arsenal or Spurs fan, I’m up for it 🙂

Had a very nice meal in Maidenhead last night with Mum & Dad, Kevin & Jan. It was Kevin’s 40th Birthday yesterday and I hadn’t seen him for ages. Noisy place though, right on Maidenhead bridge, next to where the rowing club used to be. Kept thinking of Ted Harris climbing out of one R.C. window and into another, over the river water, one evening for a dare…

Been in London today and visited the National Portrait Gallery to see an Irving Penn exhibition. Very good it was too. Pity the weather’s been so dull. I would have wandered about taking some shots, but nothing very inspirational to be had under such grey skies.

Now knackered and on the train home. The post-P syndrome is really going to hit tomorrow, I can feel it. I think I’ll have to go for the Piriton, Nytol and G&T solution 😉

8 sessions it is then…

As I thought, having discussed things with my haematologist yesterday, I am in the chair for eight sessions. This means that I now have three more to go and will be finished at the beginning of July.

Some good news is that he will be putting me on maintenance Rituximab. This has been proven to extend the remission period by up to 32 months (not 31 or 33..) over and above the typical 4 or 5 years that this course of treatment should give me. That means that with a bit of luck it could be 7 1/2 years before I need the nasty stuff. So, that IS good.

I forgot to take the anti-sickness pill last night and I can confirm that they work. Woke up feeling a bit nauseous this morning, but back to the usual space-cadet hyper state now until Monday.

The other news is that I bought a Hasselblad last week. I really wish I’d bought one years ago. I really feel at home with it, and working with the larger negatives is a real eye-opener. Using a slow film like Pan F, with a fine grain developer like FX39, the photographs are amazing. I will put some on my website soon, and there’s a link to one as this week’s “Photo”.

On Saturday I am going to the Lymphoma Organisation annual conference at Reading University and will be coming back on Sunday. I will take the cameras with me and see what I can find on the way home. And, I’m really looking forward to taking it to Skye come September.