I have emailed the haematologist a couple of times but have had no response from him as yet – nor his private PA who has been very good in the past.

This morning I spoke with his NHS PA, and asked her whether she knew if he’d been in contact with Bupa yet. She did not know, but she did confirm that he has written to my GP informing him that he has now taken me back onto his private list. I suppose that’s something at least.

I advised the NHS PA, as I had done the private one in the emails, that I am on leave as of Friday next week, and would really appreciate some progress on this before I go away.

I have also made an appointment to see the GP before I go on leave, to update him on the situation and see if there is anything that he can do to help. But, as always, you can’t get to see him until the middle of next week (literally).

I will continue to pester my man until I get an answer from him. If Bupa can’t help, I will be seeing my MP at the first surgery he has on the new term…

I did an inventory of my film at the weekend, in readiness for the Scotland trip. I have 2,700 frames in the freezer – mostly black and white (Acros and Delta 100), but a lot of Astia too, that needs “shooting up”. So, we’re probably all set in that department.

I’m not sure how long it will take to process that lot, but it will keep me quite for a while… I will need to buy some more chemicals, especially for the slide film Note to self to sort that this week.

Apart from that, I’m just trying to work out how to find £666 per month for the next 5 years…

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  1. I have seen the Dr.Coldwell site before and no doubt he has had great success. We don't all get cancer so clearly some blocking device exists in most of us. When this natural process fails we get the disease. I am also a sceptic about surgery and chemotherapy not least because my uncle who was given three months to live with stomach cancer when he was 42 years old told the doctors to bugger off. He moved to a seaside cottage in Cornwall and kept the single malt industry going. He only ate fresh food – mainly fish, no meat and survived till he was 84 dying from a ruptured ulcer. He and his wife were completely unstressed in his cottage and were always great fun. I am sure there is something in this mental thing. Do you have to work so much Andy ? 2700 frames should relax you for quite a while. I have doctor friends who are absolutely fed up with the NHS, but they don't know what they can do about it. Governments bugger up everything,

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