A grand day out and "Doing It Oneself"

The weather forecast wasn’t brilliant yesterday (Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend), but we decided to go to Llandudno for the day regardless. It absolutely tipped it down on the A55 – a proper cloud-burst. Very unpleasant. But by the time we’d come down from the Clwydian Hills and towards Colwyn Bay, things brightened up a bit.

Llandudno is an odd place. It pretends to be quite up-market, but scratch the surface and it seems to appeal to the same demographic as most of the other north western seaside towns. Only, here, all of the tat and the burgers are restricted to a narrow strip at the western end of the north beach. The actual prom is pretty dead, with a wide walkway and lots of 3-Star hotels fronting onto the road. All the activity takes place one block inland – presumably to keep away from the on-shore winds – which were pretty strong yesterday.

After an hour or so of that, decided to head over to Anglesey (second time in a month!), and go to South Stack, beyond Holyhead.  A busy spot on top of the headland, but a great lighthouse on a smaller island, accessed (in good weather) by a foot bridge (closed yesterday). This place is so far west that the mobile phone service is provided via Ireland… Definitely worth coming back to when the weather is a bit less clement – would be great with some incoming clouds or a storm. One to remember. Came back via Beddgelert. What a lovely little spot – again, one to come back to when the hoards have all gone home. And finally, a quick stop to grab a shot of Snowdon from the usual spot at Capel Curig.

Have done some investigation into how PCTs work, particularly with regards to providing funding for drugs and therapies which are NOT NICE approved. Having spoken with the finance department of the PCT, it is possible to do this, on an individual basis, so I have provided all the information I could find to my haematologist. I will be very disappointed if I find that he hasn’t already started to do this himself, on my behalf. It seems to me that you have to take charge of these things yourself if any progress is to be made, as others don’t have the same sense of need that you do. Despite several emails, my haematologist hasn’t come back to me about progress on this, or the Bupa application yet. A “gentle” reminder is in order, I think.

Been a cracking day today though – let’s hope that this is settled now for 3 weeks. Somehow, I think that might be wishful thinking …