No news is..

… no news.

Still no word from my haematologist, despite almost daily emails, phone calls and me sending him information regarding the PCT, NICE, etc.

The project manager at NICE, responsible for guiding through the approval of Rituximab as maintenance for people like me wasn’t very encouraging yesterday (but at least he DID phone back). He was suggesting that the drug isn’t even licenced for this use, let alone approved. Approval will take until next Summer, if everything goes according to plan and NICE approve it – that’s by no means certain.

All in all, very frustrating and not satisfactory.

I have a meeting with my GP later this afternoon, and will start to explore alternative consultants, including seeing whether a transfer to Christies in Manchester would be possible. They are a large teaching hospital with the biggest and best oncology department in the North of England. Maybe they would be more able to access these new treatments.

Who knows. I certainly wouldn’t be any worse off than I am now.