BUPA to the rescue

Well, not exactly the rescue, but BUPA have agreed to pay for the ongoing treatment. Excellent news. I am feeling a little like a guinea-pig, though, as the regime that we are now going to pursue is one of a session every other month for two years. It seems that there are various ways that the Rituximab is given for this purpose (including six doses all at once, once per year, which sounds a bit drastic), so we are going to go down the middle road.

A slight complication is that in an ideal world, the best place to receive it is on the Ward in the NHS hospital where they deal with this all day every day and where I received the treatment early in the year. However… BUPA cannot pay for treatment during a normal NHS clinic. So, my haematologist is currently negotiating with a couple of the specialist nurses with regards to some overtime so that they can slot me in at the end of the session. I haven’t heard anything from him yet (what’s new), but I anticipate a call on Monday to confirm that it will be after clinic on Wednesday next week. I can see that a couple of bottles of red are going to be required a s a special thank you to these nurses…

While I was with him on Wednesday this week, I saw the CT scan images done on Monday. There certainly seems to be much less disease than even in the mid-treatment scan, so that’s good news too.

Off to the Black Country Museum tomorrow for a wander and a look-see, so hopefully the weather will hold.