The nurse who gave her time (or that should be “sold” her time) two months ago so that I could have this treatment out of hours cannot do the same again tomorrow. I have just had a call from the consultant to say that he found this out about 5:30 this afternoon. This is not helpful.

So, tomorrow morning, he’s going to have to see if he can find another nurse to remain behind, or even ask one of them to come in specially on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, he’s off to Hong Kong for Christmas on Saturday evening, so this is all looking very pear shaped at the moment.

If we can’t do this before Saturday lunchtime, it will be after Christmas before we can do it. That’ll be the week when we are going to Scotland with Rebecca.

To be honest, I can’t think of a very good reason why we just can’t do this in the BUPA hospital and have done with it. It’s only giving someone a drug in a bag of saline after all.

Not happy.