I have been doing a bit of research into mistletoe. Apparently, it could be very helpful for people with low grade, indolent, follicular B-Cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – like me. It boosts the immune system for a start.

So, next time I see my specialist (Wednesday next week), I will ask him whether he knows anything about it.

While in London at the weekend, we went into a herbalist in Neal’s Yard and asked about it. The assistant was extremely helpful, but they were reticent about selling it to me, given that I actually have something wrong with me. If I were just a healthy Druid, she’d have had no problem. In fact, for the first time in my life, I was asked “Are you a Druid?” I look so much like a Druid, I’m amazed she had even a slight doubt.

So, it’s “Vitamin R” session Nr 3 next week.

Good news is that progress is being made with the NICE approval and with a bit of luck it will go onto the approved list before the summer, meaning this nonsense about turning up as the ward closes will be over and I can have the treatment along with everyone else.

Checking the website at Blurb, I see that my book is due for dispatch tomorrow, so with a bit of luck it will be here by Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing it, of course and, since it’s only 10×8 inches, I will be able to carry it round in my briefcase easily to show off what I do.

I have a few prints being printed this week for hanging on the office meeting room walls. Which reminds me, I must do an invoice for them…

Other news? Well, I need to research the possibility of hiring a long lens to go on holiday with this year. We have booked to go to New England in June and a long lens would be very handy when it comes to watching (and shooting) whales. I’m not sure about insurance for one, though, but if I get a chance, I might pop into Calumet this week or next and ask. Will definitely take the binoculars of course. We haven’t been on a long haul holiday for nearly 10 years (indeed, we’ve only been long haul once before at all), so the experience is going to be an interesting one. We fly into and out of Boston, but spend a week on Cape Cod, then follow up with a bit of touring round the coast and the countryside. Should be good.

Only 4 months away now.