Photography at night

I have decided that this year, I will mostly be taking photographs at night. Well, mostly might be overstating it a bit, but “sometimes” might cover it. “More frequently than in the past” might also be more accurate.

While we were in London last weekend, I took most of my shots in the evening or at night. Obviously there are some additional challenges there when compared to daytime shots, but the dramatic contrast between the lit and unlit areas is, to my eye, quite pleasing. For example, here’s one of Tower Bridge, Been done a billion times before, but the floodlighting certainly adds something to the drama of the scene. I metered off the stonework while we were crossing and the exposure has worked out perfectly.

This week’s “Photo of the week” was also taken on that visit – that one was at dusk and has an exposure time of about 4 seconds.

There are also examples that I took in Venice for the “Night Challenge” that I like. Now, I must make sure that I get hold of a stock of Neopan 1600 before it all disappears. These two shots were with Tri-X, though, which is probably the best all round black and white film ever made.

The book arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with it. The better quality paper is probably worth the addition couple of quid. One frustrating thing, ironically, is watching the track page of the FedEx website. “Come on! It’s been stuck in Paris for 12 hours now! What’s going on?” kind of thing.