Keeping focussed

This month, I have been mostly trying varifocal glasses. Or rather, I haven’t.

I bought some new glasses this time last year and at that time, the optician asked me whether I had considered varifocals. Not wishing to admit to my age, I said that I hadn’t and didn’t feel the need to.

Well, over the last 12 months, I have found myself taking my glasses off to read, and write and do other close work. Maybe it’s time I went back and got myself sorted out, I thought.

What a mistake.

The first pair I tried were absolutely useless. Virtually nothing was in focus, they gave me a headache and I was amazed at how narrow the focusing area was. So I took them back and complained. The optician retested the fitting and sent the lenses back to be replaced.

These weren’t much better. I could just about focus at a distance and close up, but middle distance was all wrong. Peripheral vision was virtually non-existent and they’d be extremely dangerous for driving in as a glance over the shoulder to overtake could result in something very nasty happening. Don’t even think about reversing and looking over your shoulder.

These weren’t even the cheaper varifocals – these were one step down from Zeiss ones (which cost about £400, just for the lenses only). Mine were £280.

So, yesterday, I took them back and have now had them changed for another pair of distance only glasses.

Much better.