Soon comes round again

It’s been nearly eight weeks since I last went for a top-up and Wednesday will see me back at the Countess for another dose of maintenance. This will be number four out of twelve.

I haven’t experienced anything untoward, but I do think that I have had more colds this year than I would normally do. This is a known issue and not unexpected, given that the immune system is compromised to a certain extent. It seems that people on longer term Rituximab also have more likelihood of heart and lung problems, but I’m not sure what can be done about that. Look after your heart and lungs, presumably…

I am still being treated via Bupa, out of hours at the hospital, but I have been watching what is happening with the NICE approval. It seems that first remission Rituximab maintenance is still going through the system and should, with a bit of luck, be out the other side as anticipated in the Summer. This will mean that I don’t have to inconvenience people at the hospital and can receive the treatment during the day like everyone else. That will be much better.