So, the Royal Wedding has been and gone

And so has the camera.

After putting a roll of film through on the Saturday, I had thought that it was much more difficult to focus than either of my other two Ms. I put this down to the reduced magnification viewfinder. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The viewfinder is actually mis-aligned in the vertical plane, and will never give a coincident image, until it has been adjusted. The camera is now back in Germany, being sorted out. I have been in contact with various people there, courtesy of great assistance from Jenny at Leica UK and Andreas from the Forum, and I am hoping that it will have been returned by next weekend. It definitely arrived in Germany before this weekend just gone, so fingers crossed.

Watch the wedding in Rebecca’s flat in Edinburgh with a lot of other “young people” – a good morning actually. I thought that the wedding was a great spectacle and I enjoyed watching it more than I thought I would. After that, we drove all her stuff back home, ready for her to head off round the world next week.

I also met Luke, her boyfriend, for the first time – a thoroughly decent and nice guy, if first impressions are anything to go by. I would expect nothing less!

Now, tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday, we are off to see a new puppy, born on Good Friday. It’s from a litter that belong to a niece’s husband’s brother, and we have been receiving photos via text messages for several days now. It looks like “Betty” is the chosen name, after some deliberation, it has to be said. Audrey was right up there for a while… I suspect that she will be the one – it’s not possible to go and visit a week old puppy and not buy it. She will be ready to pick up when we get back from the US, so that’s all working out quite well.

She’s a Jack Russell… going to be an interesting summer.