Another postcard from the Cape

Day 4 Sunday 5 June

Woke at about 4:30, but properly at about 6:30, so clock getting back to normal.

Really must stop having eggs for breakfast, but had a poached egg and some very nice bacon picked up yesterday in a roll, plus some Tropicana juice and English Breakfast tea. Not at all like home…

Headed off to Hyannis this morning via the road which runs along the south of the Cape – further than we thought. Everywhere is further than you think.

The south of the Cape is much busier than the northern side, with pretty grotty ribbon development along the whole length. It’s almost impossible to tell where one “town” starts and another ends. Lots of small malls, restaurants and loads and loads of motels. As close to Florida as we have seen so far.

Hyannis isn’t much to write home about, but A did pick up a couple of pairs of shorts and another short sleeved shirt. He wouldn’t want to look like an English man out of his comfort zone, now, would he? 😉

Walked down to the harbour and persuaded a girl in a small restaurant to sell us two cups of coffee so that we could use the restrooms. On leaving, walked past the public restrooms about 50 yards away and found information about the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Lady in the shorts shop recommended the former over the latter, as there is more to do and lunch won’t cost you $90. After visiting another JFK memorial on the beach, we returned back to the cottage via a small town called Harwich, where we bought a sandwich for lunch. We won’t need any dinner tonight – proving very difficult to eat “light”…

On our return, our landlord was next door and he offered to set up the wifi for us, which he has done. So, now, we can leave Skype running so that we can speak with Rebecca when she goes on line. Japan is about 13 hours ahead of here. It’s 15:40 here now, 04:40 tomorrow in Tokyo, so maybe she might call later this evening.

Postcards written. Stamps cost 29c, even to the UK. Ridiculous.

Might go for a walk along the old abandoned railway later. It’s so much like being at home.


Well, we did walk to the beach, having bought a beach bag on the way. The first access road we found turned out to be private, but the lady in the bag shop told us of a road which gives full public access. Very nice beach with good clean sand. The tide was just starting to go out and more nice sand is obviously out there. One can see right along the inner forearm of the Cape to Provincetown at the end, about 30 miles away. Will go back when the tide is out.

Drove up the Cape for a few miles to see a lighthouse ( will be better dawn, or in a storm ) and then onto the spot where Marconi set up his masts to make the first broadcast across the Atlantic. Not much left there now, but again, the beaches along the east coast of the Cape are beautiful.

Downloaded “Scrabble” and played a couple of hands of cards. Must be on holiday.

Hardly taken any photographs. The light is very harsh here. Not sure why I’m surprised, it is June and we are on the same latitude as Barcelona. I need to get out more in the evening and early morning. The sun rises later and sets earlier than at home, so it shouldn’t be too difficult…