Day 5 Monday 6 June

Decided to head north and visit Provincetown at the very end of the Cape.

Arrived at around 10 and parked next to the moment to the first New England settlers. This is the tallest granite structure in the US and looks out over the harbour from the top of a hill over the town. Climbed to the top and could just see Boston through the haze on the horizon.

The attached museum is very interesting and tells the story of how the Plymouth brethren landed here first, before heading off to the “mainland”.

Wandered into the town. What a difference from Hyannis. This is a charming place, with narrow streets and a really good atmosphere. Lots of interesting shops and people – it has a very large gay community – and everyone was friendly and helpful.

Went down to the docks to check out the whale watching tours. There was one boat which was just loading that seems very popular but others which seem more “personal”. Overhead the woman taking the tickets for the large one say that they had seen a couple this morning – they way that the trips are sold one would think that sightings of dozens is just about guaranteed…

You can hire a boat to yourself if you want. And have $700…

Had lunch of a foot long dog and a coke and then A went in search of a cap to keep the sun off. Although it’s not very hot ( yet ), the sun is strong and the Factor 30 is only just about keeping the lobsterness at bay. Found a shop selling nice caps, but a small cat logo on, but the seller advised that there is a “dog” shop further down e street. A bought a little sleep suit for the nee baby next door, due in August.

The shopkeeper also advised to go to the library opposite where some nutter had built a half scale model of a whaling boat inside the library. They wanted to put it in the museum but can’t get it out of the first floor… 12 years it took him – you’d have bought he’d have worked that out. Good model though.

Opposite the library is a house with what is alleged to be $1m worth of modern statuary in the from garden. All very odd.

Left P-Town as it’s known and drove round to Race Point, where there is another beautiful beach and then onto Truro and the lighthouse there. This one looks like it might be the best from a photographic point of view, but need to be there early in the morning, so need to get backside in gear a bit earlier than am doing at the moment.

Finally, dropped down to Wellfleet on the west coast of the lower Cape. This is a nice little town, with another working harbour, but not much else. It does have a theatre, though, right on the shore.

Supper at home.

Spoke with B via Skype. She’s very keen to leave Japan and get to Australia, as she’s fed up with being illiterate. Her flight arrives Tuesday pm our time – must be Wed am hers – so we don’t expect to hear from her for a day or so as she gets settled in.