Heat-wave coming…

Day 6 Tuesday 7 June

Supposedly an easy day, mid-week. Dropped down to Chatham in the morning. A proper gentile town, with nice lawns and fancy shops all along Main Street. Had a very good cup of coffee to gird the loins, then shopping for some lightweight trousers for A. She couldn’t find anything she liked ( no surprises there… ), but there was plenty on offer. The place has the feel of a town just waking up for the season. Good job we weren’t able to rent a place there – it’s an expensive town to eat in by the looks of it.

Drove round past the lighthouse and ended up an old dock, a bit like we have on the Dee estuary. A former fishing place, we had a nice chat with a fellow with a very impressive beard and a bike, who has been coming here for the last 20 years. Leaves for July, though – too busy for him. He advised about a beach a bit further along the coast. Beautiful, again, and the water was just the right temperature for a paddle. Could see that it would be massively popular during the season, though. There was a lovely house, right on the water’s edge that I wouldn’t mind making a cheeky offer on…

Carried on down the coastal road, stopping for lunch on the way to Woods Hole. Yet another RTA to hold us up on the way, during the hottest part of the day too. 86F this afternoon.

Woods Hole is a university town, specialising in oceanographic stuff. Also has a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, but we have decided to go via Hyannis tomorrow.

Back home on Route 6, much quicker, then a “fish supper” at the same place as we had the lobster rolls earlier in the week. Much better value, but a bit “diner-ish” for my liking.