The weather breaks

Day 8 Thursday 9 June

Were going to have a “day at the tent” today, but we ended up having a drive to Orleans, the next town along the Cape and one we’d always by-passed before. Nice town and yet another fantastic beach. All the beaches on the Atlantic side are wonderful – they are actually the same one. On the way, we dropped down to First Encounter beach, the where the Plymouth settlers first came across the natives. Due to the proximity of the marsh on the bay side, there were lots of midges which were suspiciously similar to our old friends from west Highland in Scotland. We didn’t stay long…

Drove into Chatham on a quieter road and passed the location of the cottage we would have rented had the owner been bothered. Not as good a location as the one we ended up with, so that’s good.

We did manage to find a great house to buy over here though. Just the small matter of finding the $2.4m now…

Had a walk around a wildlife reserve out into the Sound from Chatham and watched sone seals a few hundred yards off shore. Heard on the news later that some nutter is shooting seals from the shore – not those ones, but elsewhere on the Cape. I hope they catch him soon.

Returned to Brewster as the weather started to look ominous.

Thunderstorm came at around 7pm and lasted about an hour, including knocking the power out for about 10 minutes, but the air was much fresher afterwards, as usual. Rained a lot during the night.