It never rains

Off to see the consultant tomorrow. A new consultant. This one is a cardiologist.

Through the office, all the professional staff have biennial Bupa medicals. I have had a few now and two years ago, the ECG trace showed some sort of slight anomaly. Well, this year, it’s still there and the doctor recommended that I have it checked out. Hence the trip to see the cardiologist. So, more tests will ensue, no doubt, plus a severe lack of carbohydrates, fat and wine over the coming months…

Apart from that, things are ticking along much as expected. I have had the pins and needles a couple of times since the first time so that’s something to raise when I see Consultant 1 in about 10 days and it took ages to get over the cold I picked up on the plane. Having the flu jab a week later probably didn’t help, though.

I am slowly getting things in the diary for the trip to New York in the spring. Already booked are a trip up the Empire State Building on the Sunday morning and I have made contact with Ann’s long lost American cousin. She has offered to drive into the city, pick us up and take us to the fire station where Great Uncle Pat worked in the 20s, which is very kind. We have also arranged o have some supper with a couple of friends while we are there. There has been some discussion about where to eat, but I am sure we will get something suitable sorted before we get there.

Have also arranged to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery in January – judging by how quickly the tickets have sold, it’s one of those “once in a lifetime” events. A weekend in London in January is getting to be a habit, but it’s good fun going to the city not on business. With the usual Edinburgh overnighter between Christmas and New Year coming up, it’s going to be a good few months.

Make hay while the sun shines, and all that…

Have ordered a couple of larger prints from the German printers again. Hopefully they will be on their way shortly. One is a large canvas to hang on the opposite wall in the bedroom to the “Olives” canvas and there is also a framed black and white of the loch before The Old Man of Storr. It’s the same size at the Hadrian’s Wall one from last year, so maybe they can hang as a pair in the dining room.

I really do need to get out with the camera more… as usual.