The 30 foot high girl

Last weekend there was a 30 foot high girl wandering the streets of Liverpool.

She was part of an outdoor performance event known as “Sea Odyssey”, in the city for the Titanic Centenary commemorations. I managed to see her on the Saturday morning, as she went from the Albert Dock around the streets and past the Town Hall, and was fortunate enough to get a really good spot. She paused to kneel in front of the statue of Queen Victoria, right in front of where I was standing. She stayed for about 20 minutes, allowing children to climb onto her forearms.

She was accompanied by her dog and later in the day met up with her uncle, who was, according to the story, trying to find her to deliver a letter from a relative lost on the Titanic. Each “puppet” – the word seems inadequate somehow – was operated by a couple of dozen “Lilliputians” and the whole thing was just brilliant.

Liverpool really do know how to do this kind of thing so well. They have no problem closing the streets of the city centre for hours at a time and anything up to a million people attend.

Great for the city and the visitors.