End of year review

Well, it’s been a little bit quieter on here this year than some previous years and that can only be a “good thing. I like “good things”, particularly in the context of a blog about experiences with cancer. Hopefully, by the next next year’s review comes around, I will be looking back on a similarly uneventful year.

That said, the year has been far from uneventful, as a re-read of the blog posts has just reminded me.

For example, I cannot believe that it’s only 9 months since we were in New York – it seems like years ago. Seriously, I must be getting old. Boston and New England last year are from a different life altogether.

It’s actually been an extremely good year. Completing the maintenance treatment was another milestone, as was learning that it had worked and the disease is in more or less the same state as it was when I’d finished the chemo in 2010. This is definitely a “good thing”.

Edward and Nicki’s wedding, as you may have read, was another “good thing” and something to look back on in years to come. Such a brilliant day.

Travelling to new places and meeting new people – more “good things”. New York was everything I had expected it would be – and then some. The city was just stunning and the people we met were brilliant. Knowing some of our hosts via the internet, we sort of knew them already, but they were just as charming in real life. What a treat, for which we cannot thank them enough. A return trip is definitely on the cards at some time in the next few years, but these kinds of trips have to be planned and saved up for, as they don’t come cheap.

Lewis and Harris reminded me that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles from home to find some of the very best scenery and hospitality in the world. It’s there on your doorstep if you’re prepared to drive North for a couple of days. Just a stunning “pair” of islands – a return visit there, at a different time of year, is also a must.

Copenhagen, a long-term “must do”, was “done” this year. A beautiful city with more friendly natives and some very interesting food. Not sure that I need to go back, though, but we’ll see – I say that about quite a few places that we go back to!

We have undoubtedly been very lucky and privileged to be in a position where we can take such trips,  but with things being the way that they are with the economy, long haul trips are certainly going to need some particularly careful consideration going forwards and more local ones will have to be planned carefully. I am still trying to get things done while I still can as I just don’t know what’s round the corner.

Finally, after 6 1/2 years, we now have four contracts running simultaneously on a large development project, three of which will be completed within the next twelve months. It’s going to be an extremely busy time.

The Wedding

It’s a couple of weeks now since the wedding of the year. The celebrations have been and gone, as has the “mini-moon” and it’s back to work and the rest of their lives. Such is life.

We had a fantastic day on that Sunday. The weather wasn’t very promising, with rain in the morning, but it brightened up long enough for the pro photographer to do her stuff in the afternoon, before setting in again. The weather gods were smiling on us, that’s for sure.

The happy couple looked fantastic and had a lovely ceremony at Inglewood Manor, not too far from our house. The whole event was managed brilliantly by them and it made for one of the most relaxing and enjoyable weddings. Family members came from far and wide and it was just a really good day.

I think that just a few photos will sum up the day much better than I can.

But the best one was this one, even if it was taken in virtual darkness…
They were dancing to “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. Not knowing any Metallic songs, I thought that was an odd choice – until I listened to the lyrics the next day. Absolutely perfect.
All in all a great weekend.