The Wedding

It’s a couple of weeks now since the wedding of the year. The celebrations have been and gone, as has the “mini-moon” and it’s back to work and the rest of their lives. Such is life.

We had a fantastic day on that Sunday. The weather wasn’t very promising, with rain in the morning, but it brightened up long enough for the pro photographer to do her stuff in the afternoon, before setting in again. The weather gods were smiling on us, that’s for sure.

The happy couple looked fantastic and had a lovely ceremony at Inglewood Manor, not too far from our house. The whole event was managed brilliantly by them and it made for one of the most relaxing and enjoyable weddings. Family members came from far and wide and it was just a really good day.

I think that just a few photos will sum up the day much better than I can.

But the best one was this one, even if it was taken in virtual darkness…
They were dancing to “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. Not knowing any Metallic songs, I thought that was an odd choice – until I listened to the lyrics the next day. Absolutely perfect.
All in all a great weekend.