Unfortunately, the consultation was as I feared …

… but worse.

The fellow I saw wasn’t even a locum, he was a retired haematologist from out of the area who they seem to have found just as a stop-gap. He didn’t know my previous consultant and he clearly hadn’t read my notes before I saw him.

I was a bit taken aback when he said “Well, I don’t know what to say to you”. Now, I am a reasonably well-informed, reasonably intelligent, professional man who has been living with this to my knowledge for these past four years. I know what’s wrong with me and I know what the “Watch and Wait” is all about and I know what the prognosis is likely to be. It’s only the time-scale that is the unknown factor at this stage.

If I had been a worried pensioner, and my consultant had said that, I would probably still be on the cardiology ward…

I told him what was wrong with me. I told him a brief history and he did a very brief examination. I told him about the lymphoedema in my leg, but he wasn’t interested in that. He asked me when I wanted to be seen again – I almost told him “tomorrow, but with someone who cares”. But of course, I didn’t.

Not impressed at all by this, I have to say. Maybe I should have taken my chances at The Christies after all, but while I am “well”, it’s not so important. Goodness only knows what would be happening if I’d told him that my symptoms had returned – what sort of care would I get then?

I need to do some research and then see if I can get referred to another consultant.

4 thoughts on “Unfortunately, the consultation was as I feared …”

  1. Andy, sorry to hear about your experience with your “consultant” check-up, seems to be the way of the NHS at the moment.

    Maybe you should’ve said what you thought, it might’ve triggered a spark of consciousness in how his patients feel when they experience that attitude. At least mention it to the manager of the clinic you attended.

    It’s bad enough having the illness, but to be treated that way as well is unacceptable.

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