Decision time then…

In the past week I have been doing some research into the availability of haematologist/oncologists in the North West. So far I have been concentrating on the Chester/Wirral/Liverpool areas, but I think I might have to cast my net a little wider, so as to include the Christie after all.

There are very few of them about, if truth be known. I have asked the advice of the BUPA liaison company at work (we are not allowed to talk with BUPA directly) and they have come up with a name in Liverpool who I need to investigate further. We found one in Chester, but she’s recently retired and the name of the guy from the Wirral who couldn’t/wouldn’t see me for two months when I was first diagnosed was also suggested. I turned him down. What I need is someone who works in both private and NHS clinics again.

I have been offered the name of a specialist at the Royal Marsden in London, but the thought of having to go there to see him on a three monthly basis and worse still, have to go there and come back after treatment, really is a bit of a non-starter.

So, I will look into the Christie in a bit more detail.

I met with a friend for a coffee in town on Monday and, while it was a warm day, my face was absolutely dripping with sweat when I arrived at the rendezvous. I’d only walked about 300 yards – this is not a great sign. The radiologist that I saw in 2009 questioned me about a very similar incident when I was in a consultation with him, and within 3 months I was in the electric chair. All needs to be watched carefully.

I will gather all the information that I can and see if I can make contact with a new person this week, with a view to seeing them before the end of August if possible.

The reason for this “urgency” apart from the blog entries below? Well, I if I do need treatment soon, I want to be in the care of someone who cares and with the lymph node “feeling” still there, it might be sooner rather than later.

In other matters, a trip to see Roger Waters’ “The Wall” is coming along soon, as is the Wetzlar photographic trip, to include a week in the Bavarian Alps afterwards. The last holiday seems like a long time ago (in truth only five weeks) but October is a fair way off. Maybe I can take a few days off in the meantime.

I sold my Hasselblad (body) this week so now need to dispose of the lens and the Lee filter system that I bought to go with it. I enjoyed using the camera and loved the magic look of the photographs that the medium format produces, but I wasn’t using it very often. Even on Islay this year, I only took three photographs with it, so when the person from whom I bought it expressed an interest in buying it back, I said “OK”. Maybe if and when funds allow, a MF digital camera might be the way to go, but until then, I will stick with the Leicas and the Nikon.