But ‘Watching and waiting” no more

Nothing to worry about, but one thing that I forgot to mention when I updated recently on the meeting with the new Consultant was his view on ‘Watch and Wait’. This is a subject very close to my heart, as I have mentioned many times before. As I went through my history with him, I got to the end of the maintenance period and then said that I had gone back to ‘Watch and Wait’.

“Oh no, you are not on ‘Watch and Wait’ any longer.” he said, “You are now on ‘surveillance’ ”

It now seems that the waiting part only refers to the wait for your first symptoms and first treatment. Once you have had treatment, you are no longer waiting for it. As such, you are left with just the watching part, hence the new status of ‘surveillance’.

Semantics, I know. But, does it make any difference to the way that I feel about this current period in the process? No, not really. The waiting for something else to happen hasn’t suddenly disappeared; it is just no longer mentioned. Almost as if it’s being ignored, as if it’s unimportant. Which is a bit odd really, because that’s not how I feel about it.

Let’s see what happens after the CT scan. That might put things into a better perspective.

More waiting…

I have to say that I am a little disappointed.

Despite having seen the new Consultant nearly two weeks ago, I am still waiting for the invite to the radiology department for the CT scan that we discussed.

With his somewhat “unsure” response to the report from last year, this uncertainty is starting to play on the mind, so, for the good news or bad, I would like the scan done and a new, more confident report prepared.

At least I will know where I stand now. As it is, I feel a little in limbo.

It’s almost as if I have presented as a completely new patient, but with a lot more knowledge and experience than a newly diagnosed person would be. As such, this knowledge isn’t completely helpful as I know what I might expect, if the news isn’t completely good. My eyes are perhaps wider open than they were four years ago, when everything was new.

Let’s hope they get back to me soon and I can put this uncertainty to bed.

Edit: As I was typing this entry, they were leaving a message on the answer machine at home. I now have an appointment booked for next Tuesday. So that’s all good.