At Wembley with Roger Waters and “The Wall”

Had a great evening at Wembley last night seeing Roger Waters’ “The Wall”. I saw this show at the MEN last year but seeing it again and the chance to visit the new Wembley for the first time was too tempting.

I was very impressed indeed with the whole Wembley experience. Easy to get to, from Beaconsfield, easy to get in. Lots of food and drink inside at not ludicrous prices. Plenty of loos. Easy to get out of and a very slick queuing system at the station, where the was a train waiting on the platform to take us back.

The concert was as good as last time, with slightly different projections in part, I thought. And a much wider Wall. The sound was fantastic, but I did really want to hear Dave Gilmour rather than the lead in this current band… Oh well…

All in all a good night out.