Don’t look back – look forward

But first, a quick look back at our recent week in Germany (that hasn’t already been said).

We had a good week over there. We drove about 1,000 miles – not a dissimilar distance from what I would normally drive in a week – but when you have all day to drive the distances, and you are allowed to cruise at 100 mph, it’s not much of a chore. The roads are great, the autobahn isn’t as scary as it would first appear and the traffic flows much better than it does at home. Diesel and petrol are around 25p per litre cheaper than here – all good.

On leaving the Alps, we headed west to Bodensee (Lake Constance) passing into Austria for half an hour. Not that you’d notice the difference. The small town of Lindau, on an island in the lake, is well worth a visit, although the apfelstrudel was a little disappointing from a cafe that we found. Meersburg, where we stayed on the Tuesday night, is well worth a return visit and it’s definitely worthwhile hunting out the local red wine – as always, the decent stuff stays at home and doesn’t get anywhere near our shops. If we had taken our own car, we’d have brought back a bootful.

Then, we went onto Baden Baden, via the Black Forest and returned home late on the Thursday night. A very interesting week.

But… I didn’t take many photographs. I seem to have lost the will to take them, if that makes sense. It’s as if I’m losing interest in it. I ended up with a couple of colour films, a couple of black and white films about a dozen shots on my Nikon SLR and some on the Leica X1. Ann took more than me, I’m sure. We were in some really lovely places, but I just “couldn’t be bothered”. It could be that we were on the go most of the time, driving from town to town, and it’s actually quite hard to find places to stop and park when you are bowling along an A-road (or even a B-road). Or it could just be that I just couldn’t be bothered. I don’t know, but I hope the feeling doesn’t last long if it’s the latter.

At least I don’t have to take photographs for a living.

There’s one photograph that I did take that has caused a considerable amount of discussion on the Leica Forum. It’s the black and white film version of the red dressed girl on the podium, that I shared below. That was taken with the iPhone, so couldn’t be shared there, but this version is the Leica one.


As I took it, knowing that I would share it there, I was wondering what reaction it would receive. The vast majority of people who have commented have understood why I took it, my disappointment at seeing a young person do this, but not my surprise. One person was offended and suggested that I shouldn’t have shared the photograph at all. Obviously, my feelings on the matter are completely different.

I think it important that people see that there are others who either don’t know enough about recent world history, or just as worryingly, don’t care, so that they feel it’s “OK” to stand where Hitler stood only 80 years ago and raise an arm. I am pretty sure that she was only doing this to show off to or acknowledge her friends who were on the ground below, but that she didn’t have the background to fully understand what she was doing is somewhat depressing.

But, that’s enough of that.

Looking forward, the voting is currently going on for the destination for next year’s competition. It looks like Istanbul is going to beat Lisbon and Tokyo (yes, that’s what I thought!), so that could be interesting. I haven’t come across a single person who hasn’t been to Istanbul and enjoyed the experience. Given the timing, and our thoughts about a holiday in France in September next year, I think that we might just combine the two, and go to the competition at the end of the fortnight. That way, we won’t be away twice in the space of a few weeks, which has to be better, and cheaper. Some serious planning will be required though.

And now the clocks have gone back and it’s dark at five o’clock and we can enjoy driving to and from work in the dark, never seeing daylight from one weekend to the next.

At least it will soon be Christmas…