I am very fortunate to be able to update this blog from Sorrento.

I am sitting on a balcony in my shirt sleeves, with the sun on my face, wondering whether the red wine in the mini-bar constitutes good value for money. Probably not.

Sorrento is, like many Italian cities, both very attractive and ugly at the same time. Most of them have a ring of hideous modern development on the periferary, but an attractive core in the middle. Being on the sea, Sorrento has an arc of modernity around the old town centre. Here in the middle, especially in the old city, it’s very pleasant. Access to the harbour and fishing harbour (two independent harbours separated by a promontory, which needs to be walked over to get from one to the other – unless you have a boat, I suppose) is via long, winding roads down the cliff face or steep steps cut into the rock.

The fishing side is very attractive in an unspoiled, rusting, faded sort of way, while the main port, with the ferries to Capri or Naples, is overlooked by big hotels on the top, and sides, of the cliff.

Managed to find the bus at the airport, after a false start and woeful signage, and found that it takes an hour and a half on a Sunday lunchtime to get here. This avoids having to go into Naples itself, which is good.

The bus wanders through some odd little towns on the way, all of which were rammed with traffic. It also passes between Vesuvius and the sea, and here is a good view to be had of both from the bus windows


The hotel only opened for the year yesterday, but strangely, the room wasn’t ready on arrival, which is a bit odd. Many of the restaurants, including one that looked good that I found before leaving home, are still closed as the season hasn’t really started yet. I have to confess that this was not something I thought about, but I’m sure we won’t starve…

The sun has just gone down below the hill now, so I will post this and return inside.

Plans for the rest of the week will depend upon the weather. Could be pretty miserable if it rains all the time…

(It won’t)