Pompeii and Herculaneum

Takes a bit of effort, but can be done in a day, if you do them in reverse order.

We used the train to get from Sorrento and went to Herculaneum first, arriving at about 9:30. We were amongst the first there, and more or less had the town to ourselves. What a fascinating place – amazingly well preserved, it really is like the people just left yesterday. It’s only a relatively small area and we stayed about 90 minutes, but it really does give a great impression of what life in a a Roman town in AD79 was like.

Returning to Pompeii, past which the train went in the morning, we then had the much more “commercial” experience. Loads of visitors, lots to see, but…

Highlights were the theatre and the House of Mysteries, but in both towns, it wasn’t hard to find the brothels, both of which were interestingly decorated… (Will share a photo when I get back home)


Upset the guy at the cafe when he found that I didn’t have €1 to make the bill of €11 – he had to give me €9 change from a €20 note. He gave me a €5 note and a sealed roll of 40x 10c coins, which I will keep as a souvenir of him being a complete and utter git. Now, are they on TripAdvisor…?

If we had stopped at Pompeii first, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have bothered with Herculaneum, which would have been a great shame. Buying a multi-location ticket at H, also avoids the queues at P. Top Tip there…

Returned to Sorrento and eventually found a meal at the place we were at yesterday lunchtime. Not as good food as last night. Will return to first place tomorrow.