A really good end to a really good week

As normal life returns, post-holiday, I thought that I would do an update of my thoughts about Sorrento and that part of Italy, before the memories start to fade. My memory isn’t what it used to be! I won’t dwell on the travel issues that we had on the way back, obviously, but I will post any response that I get from British Airways, who I know have now got my letter.

Sorrento is a great centre for a holiday. I wish we had more time there, but had to come back for a special event on the Friday. If we had had an extra day, I would have probably hired a car and explored the wider region a bit more, but we can save that for another time.

The city is compact and interesting, although there are a lot of steps down to the port and a decent walk between the commercial port and the older “fishing” part.

The hotel we stayed in (the Antiche Mura) was excellent and extremely good value for money at around Euro 125 per night, including breakfast for a decent room, with a balcony. The staff there were friendly and helpful and overall it was one of the better hotels we have used on our jaunts.

There is a very good selection of restaurants, although some of these were only opening now at the beginning of the season. One of them on my “hit-list” (Meating Sorrento) opened on the day that we had to leave, so that too will have to wait until another time.

I can thoroughly recommend Chantecler’s Trattoria (http://www.chanteclers.com/) which was just outstanding. And so cheap!

From the city, it is easy to use the extremely cheap public transport to get elsewhere along the coast. The train service to Naples, which serves Herculaneum and Pompeii, is a bit rough and ready, with hard plastic seats but it ran mostly to time. The return journey to Herculaneum was around Euro 11 each. My advice would be to visit there first and then go to Pompeii as the latter is far bigger and the temptation would be to say “Let’s not bother going on” if you went there first. Both sites can be done in a day easily. It’s a pity that artefacts have mostly been removed to the Naples Museum – a museum on site would have been much better, in my opinion. Both sites highly recommended though.

I have posted about Amalfi and the bus journey already. Since posting that I heard a rumour that the buses run in one direction in the summer months, so as to avoid the problem that ours incurred on our journey. I’m not sure if that’s true I’m not sure how one would get back to your starting point without doing a three hour round trip, but from a safety point of view that might be the case.

Capri? Well, I suspect that a morning wandering up and down the cliff isn’t enough to do it justice, but I think that you could have a very relaxing fortnight there if you chose a property well. Apartments there go for Euro 1m and above, so there must be something about the place.

And then there was Friday. What a great day.

I have posted before about the work we are doing in Blackpool and I am pleased to say that the Multi-storey Car Park was awarded “Best Refurbishment 2014” at an industry awards do in London on Friday. Lots of us have put a lot of hard work in over the last few years to make that happen and it’s nice to be recognised by the parking industry for what we have achieved. I have had some good people alongside me and they can all be proud of what we have achieved. Now, all I need are similar awards for the Council Office and supermarket and we will have a complete set.

No pressure!