Pompeii Farm

Having had to stop painting the back of the house due to the rain, I have been playing around with some shots from earlier this year. I have stumbled across a setting on my scanner that seems to deliver decent scans from Kodak Portra 160 colour print film.

Initially, I liked this in colour, but having played with it for half an hour this afternoon, I actually prefer it in black and white.

Maybe, if I were to buy a new camera (as I have been thinking about…) it should be a Monochrom. Maybe…


3 thoughts on “Pompeii Farm”

  1. Thank you Kay

    I took the original colour scan and used an orange filter on it in Photoshop, when I converted to Black and White, which is pretty much the same as using an orange filter on the lens when shooting with Black and White film, of course.

  2. We went to Pompeii… what an amazing place. Our guide said it would take a month to go around all of it, we had half a day. Incredible. Thanks for the photo, Andy 🙂

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