A “good job” on a list of “good jobs”

So, there I was, up a scaffold tower, paint brush in hand. Thinking.

We had an extension built on the side of our house about twelve years ago, when both of our children were still at home. The third bedroom in the house really wasn’t suitable for a growing teenager and moving house wasn’t an option, so we had an additional bedroom built onto the house, above a garage. Unfortunately, the builder that we employed really wasn’t up to the task, so he had to be asked to leave before he had completed the job. This left the rendered rear elevation of the extension unpainted.

I am ashamed to say that for 12 years, this was one of the jobs that I was always “getting round to” and finally, over this Bank Holiday weekend, I got round to it. I hired a scaffold tower, bought the paint and the rollers and brushes and set to.

Once the slight feeling of vertigo was overcome – climbing up a tower that you have built yourself and which you know has “compromised” outriggers is an interesting experience – the job in hand wasn’t difficult. It does involve a lot of climbing up and down, bending and stretching etc but when actually at the coal-face, brush in hand, it’s not a difficult task. The Sandtex Cornish Cream Textured paint goes on easily enough, even if half a can does seem to end up on your clothes, or on the scaffold. But it does give you a bit of time to think.

12 years is quite a long time. The paint is “guaranteed” for 10 – 15 years, so it is likely that it will not need doing again for another 12. As I was there, I was thinking that it wouldn’t be me that was doing it next time, either because I wouldn’t be here at all, or because I’d be 65 and probably not that inclined to shimmy up a scaffold over a long weekend. Either way, it was a sobering thought and it just goes to show that it isn’t possible to keep thoughts about my “situation” in a box for very long. They have this nasty habit of opening the lid when you don’t expect it.

Me painting the back of the house really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I just hope that I am here to see someone else do it on my behalf next time.

Anyway, the back of the house now looks a lot tidier than it did this time last week and it’s one less “good job” on my list of “good jobs”, so that’s a good thing in and of itself. Next up? Fitting five thermostatic radiator valves before the autumn returns…