Cornwall – first time in over 20 years

I had forgotten how nice Cornwall is. Have only been here an afternoon, but having done a seven mile round trip walk to Polperro, through traffic-free single track roads and unmade lanes, it really is quite pleasant.

Living in the middle of the country, a 5 hour drive will take me into Cornwall or well into Scotland. The Scottish option has always proven more attractive in the past, since once north of Preston, the scenery is good and the roads clear. Coming south and this isn’t quite true. Firstly, there’s the M6 south of the M62 to endure, then Birmingham and the M4/M5 junction to look forward to. Once through there, you pass the string of service stations that are packed to the brim with the coach parties, with queues 20 deep to buy a cup of coffee. On reaching Exeter, you think that you’re nearly here and, oops, your destination is at least another 70 miles on A Roads…

This morning was a very good run indeed. We left home at about 6:20 and arrived at the rented cottage 3 miles inland from Polperro at about 12:30, which included a brief stop on the M5 and a trip to a supermarket to stock up on essentials. Like gin.

There is a private lane that runs from this property which leads towards Polperro and we did The walk there and back this afternoon. Will have to go back again later in the week.

Long may the sun shine.