A day of two saints

Headed down to St Michael’s Mount yesterday morning, making the mistake of choosing the St Austell road (three saints) and then through to Truro. We should have taken the A30 as suggested by the sat nav, as the roads are really crowded, even at this time of year.

Smaller than it’s probably more famous French cousin, it was nonetheless a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. The development at the base of the hill is interesting enough to occupy the dog-handler, while I went to the top and did the tour of the castle itself. I had previously assumed that the whole thing was a large church or abbey of some description, but in fact the church at the very top is more like a large family chapel than a church. Surprisingly small when you sit in it.


We left as the tide was coming in and crossed the causeway at the last official time, getting our feet and tummies wet, depending on how long our legs are. Loads of other people were still starting to cross long after we had got to shore, and they would have got very wet indeed. Definitely worth a trip.


Then onto the second destination of the day, St Ives. A place I’d always wanted to visit, but never had the opportunity; recommended by colleagues at work, this was a “must do” on the list.

I have to confess my initial reaction was one of a little disappointment. We found our way to the harbour beach – the main town beach. It is a nice beach, with clean sand a a sheltered bay, but I was surprised at the number of cheap restaurants and bars that lined the shore road. I don’t know why I was surprised, as every seaside town is the same these days, but I had thought that St Ives was different – I don’t know why.

However, as we got further into town, and past the harbour beach, the charms off the town began to reveal themselves. Sail lofts and fishermen’s cottages and very narrow streets and rope walks. All really lovely.

And there’s Art Deco too…


We found the Tate Gallery, but couldn’t take Betsy inside, as she’s only interested in old masters, and then walked back to the town centre via “the Island”, finding an interesting school of art on the way. I might consider a course there next spring – will download some details when I get home.

Then returned home having unsuccessfully tried to find a dog-friendly beach. The National Trust have them pretty well locked down during the summer, which, while understandable from a family point of view, does mean that those of us with dogs, including families with dogs, are excluded.

A30 – traffic flowing freely.