Skip to the Looe – and back

At the suggestion of the cottage owner, we walked to Looe yesterday. We passed maybe two cars on the whole walk and no more than half a dozen other walkers. Apart from the biting insects in the forest section, it really was a lovely walk.

When we got there, we bought a hat or three (one had to get donated to Cancer Research within 15 minutes of being bought…) and then decided to walk back via the coastal path and Polperro. By this time it was the heat of the day and Betsy did get into full trudge mode by the time we finished the path, but it was a very good walk. Bus back to the cottage, though. Roughly 13 1/2 miles all in.

Despite this, went to find a dog friendly beach after supper and walked back into Polperro on the way back. A completely different village when the hoards of tourists have all gone home. There is much more of a feeling of what it would have been like before they arrived.