And then it rained. A bit.

We knew that the weather wouldn’t last and to have had such good weather at the beginning of the week was a bonus. But this is still England in the early summer and such good fortune doesn’t usually last.

So we decided to chance our luck and visit Port Isaac, the village on the north coast where we had spent a couple of holidays when the children were very small. It hasn’t changed very much, but has been a bit blighted by the fact that a television series has been filmed there over the last few years, so there is some TV tourism in evidence. It’s always been a touristy place, though.

The harbour is just the same, although the council have banned people from parking their cars on the low tide, as too many didn’t realise that the tide comes in…


The narrowest street in England, known as squeeze-belly alley is still there of course.


And by the time we got back to the car, the rain really was coming down with a vengeance…


Passing through Padstow at lunchtime, we ended up at a vineyard just outside Bodmin. The wines produced there are exceptional, but they seriously need to get their PR sorted with regard to customers and visitors with dogs. Dogs are not allowed out of the owners’ cars UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, the small sign by the visitor shop says.

I complained to the owner, via Twitter, last night, but he was pretty dismissive of the issue. Given the time of year, I think an email to the local branch of the RSPCA might be in order…