Roseland and the end of a good week away

So, last day and we decided to head Roseland, a quiet part of Cornwall, south west of St Austell.

We started off in Mevagissey, one of those small fishing villages that you think you’ve been to before, but haven’t. It’s very pretty, as they all are and once we had dried out from the heavy rain shower, the harbour is most attractive.


Then further south, we found St Mawes, which is… You’ve guessed it…


Returning northwards, we called into St Just in Roseland, which has a really attractive church in what must be a unique setting. The graves are all set in what might as well be botanical gardens – beautifully kept. Maybe some photos next week when my film gets processed.

Finally, called into another village called Portloe. Hidden away, it’s very quiet and with a nice looking hotel cum restaurant that would be perfect for a real hideaway holiday.


We have been very fortunate with the weather, especially given the forecast at the end of the week. With big outdoor events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Wimbledon and Glastonbury on this weekend, it’s always a shame when the weather spoils things that people have been looking forward to. Thankfully, we seem to have got away with some lovely sunshine between the showers, even if Glastonbury did get struck by lightning…