Never give up hope… Perch Rock revisited

Doesn’t take much to re-vist, to be honest as it’s less than half an hour away from here, but a couple of years ago I was bemoaning the fact that this is a very popular spot with photographers around here – too popular.

Yet, there I was last night seeing whether the sunset that I’d seen while walking the dog at about 8 o’clock, would result in something interesting up at New Brighton.


When I got there, about 20 minutes before sunset, there was a large bank of cloud sitting on the horizon, over the Irish Sea. There would be no spectaculars this evening. I tried a couple of shots with the half moon behind the lighthouse, but they didn’t work, so I decided to head home.

As I left, via a slightly different route back off the sand, I turned to look at the lighthouse again. And saw this…

All-quiet-at-Perch-RockNow, this isn’t the best ever shot of this place, but it is unique.

I was the only person there, taking photographs.