Another day, another new tyre

The one being replaced today has probably done about 35000 miles so I can’t complain.

What I can complain about is the universally bloody awful waiting rooms in tyre shops.

People spend a lot of money in these places and, in my opinion, there is no excuse for the waiting areas to be dirty, greasy and smelly, with uncomfortable school hall chairs.

The customer is separated from the business end of the place by the glass screen, so there is no need for this side to be so grim. And we are not talking back street places here. They are all the same, including the big, well known brands.

I’m spending the thick end of £250 with them this morning and I demand something better.

I won’t say anything to the big fella behind the counter though – he’s got hands like dinner plates and is carrying a tyre lever.

2 thoughts on “Another day, another new tyre”

  1. It is a universal thing, I think. At least in Switzerland they are also bare concrete floors and hard chairs in the tyre waiting rooms too. Plus the rip off prices. From a quote of $6000 for 4 tyres at the dealers (but you get a Nespresso and comfy chair to sit in), I got down to $1500 for all four from a back street garage (but still new Continental high speed tyres) and then discovered an on-line price of $600 including delivery (plus $100 for fitting at a garage).

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