The Bucket List re-visited

While walking the dog first thing this morning, amongst other things, I got to thinking about the bucket list I put together 5 years ago. Whether I would have the same list now, I am not sure, but for argument’s sake, let’s assume that the list is definitive.

I have managed to knock some of the items off – should they be replaced, I wonder? Are you supposed to finish the Bucket List and then die? If you add replacement items, what does that mean? Are you managing to postpone the fateful day? No. It just gives you more things to do, obviously.

So, over a cup of coffee, I have found the list and can report as follows:

1. Drive across the Millau Bridge on a misty morning

Done. Actually drove across it in beautiful sunshine, but it was misty when we arrived beneath, as recent photos have shown.

2. Walk to Cape Wrath

Not done. Maybe next year, if I get the chance.

3. Visit Cape Cod

Done. A 50th birthday trip and a place that would be well worth revisiting sometime. One of the most relaxed places I have ever been to.

4. Take the train to Venice

Not done, although have been to Venice a couple of times since that was added to the list. In retrospect, I’m not sure that taking the train would actually add much to the experience.

5. Go back to see my Great Grandfather on the Somme

To do this time next year, on the hundredth anniversary.

6. Explore the West Coast of Ireland properly

Not done.

7. See the Northern Lights – Norway?

Not done.

8. Visit Copenhagen

Done a couple of years ago.

9. Revisit Berlin

Not done.

10. Spend a week in a small hotel on the Gironde at harvest time.

Done, on the same trip as the Millau bridge, this autumn.

So, of the 10 items on the list, I have done 4 1/2, with at least one planned for next year. I suppose that’s not bad given it’s 5 years since I put the list together. I was kind of planning on being able to do one per year.

I am a very lucky man to have been able to go to places that allow me to knock off half of this list. Of all the remaining items, I suspect that the Northern Lights will be the one that proves the most difficult and will remain “to do”.

Here are a few photos taken from my walk with Betsy this morning. I’m going to miss this place if we ever move.

Fence post

Red Rocks

Hilbre Island