My website hosting and email account have finally been moved successfully

Finally, after several months of messing around, I have managed to move the hosting of my website and, much more importantly, my main email address to a provider who isn’t going to get bored and pull the plug.

This process has taught me several useful lessons.

1. Just because someone has a professional looking website and can set up hosting accounts etc, doesn’t mean that they may not just a one-man band with a big hard disk in their back bedroom. (I don’t know, but that’s what I suspect was behind my previous host)

2. Even if said host was recommended by a web-designer friend, have a look at what the really big boys are offering.

3. Do not rely on an email address as your main point of contact with the Bank, HMRC etc, etc, if that email address can be switched off on a whim by said back-bedroom owner. To say that it’s a pain is not even coming close.

4. Moving a web host is much more difficult than you could ever imagine, especially if the original host, from whom you have to get various Nominet codes etc, is somewhat uncommunicative. Eventually, this guy proved helpful, but it took me several months to get everything sorted (admittedly, I did let it lie for a while over Christmas, after he switched the servers back on…)

5. Moving a bank account is much easier than doing this.

6. My new host provider, Zen, have proven to be extremely helpful, but it still took me three half hour calls to get the email account working (due to a DNS error issue)

Whilst it obviously has to be difficult to move hosts, to prevent the bad guys hijacking your pages, I didn’t realise just how difficult it would be, especially if you are not completely comfortable with DNS, MX, and other tech stuff that goes on in the background.

So, everything is back up and running now. All I need is to find some decent content this year…

And with that in mind, it’s off to Liverpool for a wander.