Third blog post of the evening!

I had a short trip out to Rhyl this afternoon. A “seaside resort” on the North Wales coast, in easy reach of Liverpool, Chester and Manchester, it was astonishing to see how run down it was. The lack of investment in everything, from basic beach maintenance to the “promenade”, the closed water fun centre and the decrepit, but still open, theatre, the whole place needs some serious help. Amazingly, some people still holiday here.

Whilst I can almost see it from where I live, I have only been there once before in the 22 years I have been here. I can’t see myself rushing back anytime soon.




3 thoughts on “Rhyl”

  1. Love your photographs Andy.

    I was there a year ago and it was still busy with tourists and holiday makers. Though I have to agree it’s run down and has been deteriorating steadily over 40 years or more since I was a kid. I think they wasted a lot of money on the promenade, instead of spending on improvements to the town.

    Hopefully it will start to turn the corner into prosperity again soon. It holds a lot of happy childhood memories for me.

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