Disappointed with the weather, which is more like late October than mid-June, but have found a few photos. Here are the iPhone versions. I’m looking forward to seeing how the proper ones process when I get home. Bear in mind that these weren’t taken in the incessant drizzle that has been with us for hours on end and when the highest temperature of the day was 9C… 

Oh well… We’ve been very lucky in Scotland in the past – this year is payback year. However, I reckon at least one of these will be a “print and hang” contender so the week hasn’t been a complete washout, from a photography perspective. 

And thanks to all the people who have read my post about the LLR changing its name. Not quite “gone viral”, but certainly a lot of hits!

  Sheep and The Old Man of Storr

 The Cuillins 

 Sligachean Bridge 

The slipway 

White blackhouse