A month can be a long time on a blog

Have been very, very busy.

But now it’s time for an update on progress with the new property. As I have posted before, the kitchen instantly became Priority Number 1 and, fortunately, not only have we been able to find a good kitchen at a sensible price, but also a very good man (and his son) to fit it. An expensive trip to John Lewis for the appliances and we were all set.

Within less than two weeks, this excellent joiner turned this…

IMG_5362 IMG_5363 IMG_5364

Into this…


So, tonight, for the first time in at least 6 weeks, we are going to have a roast chicken, cooked in our own kitchen. Luxury.

There has also been significant progress on the shed front, and I now have an extremely extravagant shed… I have always wanted to lay a roof and even considered building a roof in the garden once, just to do so. So, when the new shed arrived, I decided to push the boat out and cover the roof in cedar shingles. It has been an extremely satisfying couple of days this weekend, and I am quite pleased with myself. 🙂

Just need to finish the glazing of the windows and touch a bit of paint up and it’s all done.


IMG_5451 IMG_5452

Next project? The fireplace, I think.

But I might need a man for that…

One who has all 10 digits intact…

IMG_5460 IMG_5459